Adjustable Air Pencil

The adjustable air pencil is an invaluable tool for the professional detailer. Small enough to get into just about any crack or crevice on the inside and the outside of your vehicle.







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    • Cut the time it takes to clean your interior in half with this tool!
    • Put the Q tips back in the bathroom where they belong, this tool makes cleaning your vents a snap!
    • Remove moisture from inside you headlamp in minutes…Check out the video below!
    • Engine and cabin air filter cleaning!
    • Features Include:
      • Solid aluminum construction
      • Textured grip
      • Standard M-style male coupler
      • Handy pocket clip
      • Tapered nozzle for those really tight spaces

Thousands of uses including interior panel cleaning, large debris blow out such as under your seats, stubborn debris caught in you carpet fibers, dissipating dust caught behind your speedometer lens and even drying out moisture caught in you headlight lens.

For step by step instructions for your repair check out my common problems and solutions page.

How to repair a headlight with moisture in it! on Vimeo.

The uses for this tool are not limited to automotive detailing. Here are some other things that I have personally used this tool for

  • Blowing up pool toys, rafts, sports equipment and even balloons!
  • Cleaning a garage floor in half the time that sweeping takes!
  • Everyone knows dust in your computer tower is the main cause for failure. I use this tool to clean mine regularly!
  • Vacuum filter cleaning!


This tool is easy to use.  To activate, gently twist the front section separate from the rear.  This is also what gives it infinite adjust-ability! Just set it to the pressure you need and your ready.

Caution: If you decide to try removing the moisture in your headlight using a triggered blow gun there is risk of your compressor overheating because the amount of air (cfm) that they put out. This might overcome your compressor’s maximum capabilities . These air pencils are infinitely adjustable and will reduce the any  chance of an overheated compressor.

Here is what some of my customers think about this tool!

  • Found this to be a great product for the shop. Had to order one for my son to have……George Watts, Tallahassee,FL

Hey George,Thanks for your second order, I’m glad you appreciate what this pencil can like I do……





9.99 + shipping